Digital Video, 2006
Total Running Time: 00:27:12

Troubadour is a psychedelic journey of self-discovery through a virtual space of the imagination, a landscape of the mind - and of the unknown. Our heroine Metalmags is a wandering minstrel, a lost soul, a glam rocker, a psychonaut, a superhero, a mime, a depressed 20-something - any and all apply. At first, she is without hope - stranded in an alien world, haunted by memories of another time and place. But with the aid of a self-help tape, her perspective and the course of her path are transformed.

Troubadour's hand-crafted lo-fi sounds and visuals offer an intimate view of the emotional realms of consciousness and creativity. A meditation on soul-searching in an age of anxiety, Troubadour is on your side.

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