She Unlimited
Solo Show, 106 Green, June-July 2015

In She Unlimited, six women embody intimately familiar female personas, performing an investigative relationship with them. Once conjured, the persona’s fit may be surprising: like a deja vu glove, a seamless transition; or, bulkily, somewhere on the spectrum toward needs alteration. She bops, flexes muscles, puts on attitude. She sells you things. She tries things out for a spell. And now she’s really feeling herself.

At the show’s core is the content produced for the artist’s online work VISTAS, a virtual glossy of enacted gestures and glances. In each woman’s portrait, numerous looping and overlapping videos play simultaneously against a backdrop of supporting images, design elements, and sounds. In one “room” the women mingle, playing sisters, teammates, and rivals in many fractured instances. Lifted from this navigable context, the elements take on different forms and functions in the exhibition space: reconfigured videos, photographs, busts; sampling, flattening, and extruding.

These new configurations constitute an expansion of offerings consistent with her ample qualifications, promising a push toward a broadened panorama.

She just can’t - and won’t - stop.

she unlimited renata vignette erica magrey

she unlimited erica magrey doreen still

she unlimited corner installation

she unlimited peaches and pinks erica magrey

she unlimited blue still life with cutting board

she unlimited wall wide

she unlimited main wall close

she unlimited accoutrements erica magrey

she unlimited busts erica magrey

she unlimited bust one erica magrey

she unlimited bust two erica magrey

she unlimited bust 2 back erica magrey

she unlimited opposite wall

she unlimited rap room projection erica magrey

she unlimited 3 contacts erica magrey

she unlimited so beige erica magrey

Installation shots from 106 Green, Brooklyn, NY

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