Protest Geometry
Peformance at Socrates Sculpture Park, 2011

Protest Geometry is made up of signs, shapes, songs, and gestures that address the balance of intention and investment, expectation and result. Using as its starting point the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Songbook, the performance addresses the romantic notions of protest and heroism and attempts to separate these notions from specific causes, instead focusing on their absence. The borrowed causes from the songbook and the mythology of the protest movement supplant the truly personal and resonant beliefs of each participant, which remain inarticulate. Enacted by Sophia Cleary, Christine Connor, Megan DiBello, Erica Magrey, Leonor Montes de Oca, Paige Teamey, and Katie Urban.

Presented as part of FLOAT Performance Series curated by Cleopatra's.

Performance Documentation - best viewed with embedded audio excerpt below.
All photographs by Brina Thurston

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