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Playing Catch Up

Join me in my time travels while I go back and add some news and items from the last few months. Just wanted to put a warning out there in case you are wondering why I’m announcing the news of the past. Enjoy!

Comments are back!

At least for now. I’ve installed a new anti-spam plugin and re-enabled comments for all posts. Hopefully this will allow y’all to post without me having to sift through tons of spam on a daily basis. Wahoo!!!

Ya Make Me Wanna Snoop

Sorry for the corny pun but I have to remain true to my feverish and delirious mind. In my sickness and time of need, one thing that brings me joy is Snoop Dogg’s new video Sensual Seduction. Most of you have probably seen it already, but still it merits a mention. Margaret, a purveyor of fine links and cultural tidbits, sent it to me last week and I’ve watched it several times since. It’s fashioned in the style of an old video, referncing both 70s and 80s fashion trends and music artists. A great deal of the footage features Snoop dressed much like Prince with a keytar strapped on and wearing glasses while his female cohorts dance and pose around him in a cloud of smoke machine fog. One particular segment in which Snoop and his “backup band” bop back and forth, their images mirrored from the middle of the frame, borrows heavily from When the Doves Cry. Other segments feature various sexy retro Snoops, one being a smooth skinny disco-era figure. Other than it’s oh-so-fun use of green screen techniques, this video is also notable for its pacing – nice and slow with long shots and few cuts and fades, just like in the olden days. Of course, the vocoder distinguishes this as a newer tune, but it seems they tried to justify that with the tube in his mouth, suggesting a talk box (see Stevie Wonder use one here). Bravo, Snoop!

Check it:

Make Your Own Shoes

This adorable woman Mary Wales Loomis did and so can you. I originally found her site on the Make blog yesterday via a google search. But today when I googled “how to make shoes,” happily, her site was the first that came up. I made a pair of shoes last year, but they’re not too durable. Here Mary gives you the poop on how to go the professional route. Her technique is used mostly to create matching heels for her outfits but she claims that her instructions can be adjusted to accomodate any style. You can buy her book called Make Your Own Shoes from her website. It’s definitely going on my b-day/xmas wish list.

mary wales loomis

Pie Chart Harmony

I checked my site stats today (OK, so I’m going to my site more than anyone else) and I noticed that the charts illustrating traffic breakdowns were unusually symmetrical and balanced. And lovely.

search word reportsearch query reportrequest reportdirectory report

William Ware Theiss and The Lorraine Covenant

Whew, did I take a crazy trip last night down the information superhighway! It all started with a search for more information about William Ware Theiss. I had recently bought this book The Star Trek Compendium from local junk store The Vortex and had noticed that most of my favorite costumes from the original series were designed by him. Via a link on his Wikipedia entry, I found a page with some examples of his work that was put up by a friend of his. He was known for creating sexy costumes by exposing parts of the female body that had not really been seen on television before.

Elaan of Troyiuswilliam ware theiss costumeslittle girls ep

From there, I explored the rest of this woman’s website, entitled Mehri’s Mountain. Here I found a number of enjoyable features, including Stark Trek episode reviews, info and memories of cats past and present, and most notably, information about The Lorraine Covenant, a feminist group to which this woman belongs. In their creation story, a goddess is surrounded by an awareness that is sparks of energy that vibrate and spin, reflecting her image. The image becomes a mirror, and her reflection becomes an opposite. She loves her reflection and dances with joy, singing the universe into existence.

I love this story because it tells me that it’s ok to love your reflection – that it is in fact, natural and healthy to love oneself. This seems like a much more loving and accepting tale than that of Narcissus, a constant warning that should you gaze too long, you’ll drown in your own reflection. I understand that of course a person can become too self-obsessed, but the Narcissus warning comes down on me so hard that I end up averting my eyes way too often. Let’s be proud of who we are and unafraid to admit it!

On a related note, I realized that the reason I’ve been avoiding my studio lately is that I feel guilty wanting to just make clothes and costumes when I go there, feeling somehow that it doesn’t count as work or as art. I’ve been blocking myself from doing what I feel like doing. Why fear it? Instead, I want to try to have faith that if I follow my bliss it will lead me back to that blocked place and bust open the door.