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UFO Series

My friend and co-worker Frank just turned me on to UFO, a British TV series from 1970 by way of an extremely in-depth fan site. The main attraction is a set of galleries of beautiful full color (and b/w) stills, featuring dope silver space costumes, fake rocks, and an host of detailed miniature vehicles being prepped for action. In addition, you can check out music tracks, sound effects, cast info, movie clips (unfortch windows media player), fan art, viewmaster reels, an episode guide, and many other awesome and fanatical little tidbits. Check out the site here!

And yes, they do have the 8-disc series on Netflix.

ellis moon mobile

Star Trekkin’

I was searching youtube for items tagged “star trek dance” for an upcoming project on the theme and I came across this gem. Kirk Incorporated, a group of guys aged 14 to 30, performs the classic novelty song “Star Trekking” (with the addition of a few extra verses) on a local Minnesota station during a holiday fundraiser. Though not all members of the group come across as hardcore fans, several of them are animated and/or dedicated in their delivery. The teen portraying Uhura utilizes his most general female impersonation, but he couples this with falsies – a bold move for local TV! Spock’s stand-in demonstrates a firm commitment to his muse, and Scotty turns out to be a bit of a spotlight hog. And all the while, ads scroll across the bottom of the screen….Sauk Rapids Plumbing and Heating Services $10, etc.

It’s worth watching through to the end if you can bear it. You can always skip ahead – but some of the natural (?) rhythm is lost. I made it through, but just barely, and I can tolerate (and rather enjoy) those things in life that live on the high end of the cringe factor scale.

New Space Uniform

I’ve been looking at a lot of Star Trek suits lately, and they’re kind of classified based on whether they’ll be used on duty or recreationally. This ensemble isn’t quite formal enough to be duty wear – it’s more or less casual. It might be worn by a student, a worker (more of a service type job than that of a commanding officer), or perhaps simply a citizen, as collin suggested when he saw it.

I started this shirt probably about a year ago and put it aside, becoming discouraged. I revived it and finished it, combining it with my old Danger Mouse costume pants and some white dance shoes that I just knew would come in handy for something.

new space uniform

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First African in Space

I was googling “space fashion” when I came across this website about the first African in space, Mark Shuttleworth. He’s an entreprenuer from Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately this isn’t breaking news – Mark was welcomed back to capetown after his historic mission on June 10, 2002. Not sure how much has been added to the site since, but it’s fun to poke around and see pics of the self-described Afronaut and his fellow crewmen. The site’s oddly organized; if you’re confused check out About the First African in Space Project on the bottom left of the main page and the About Mark page.

First African in Space -sm

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