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Merry Christmas Mary Boom

After a long spell of letting many-an-event pass without noting it here, I’ve returned to keep you, fair reader, up to date on my goings-on. Up next: The Kate Bush Dance Troupe performs not one but TWO numbers in a very special event on Saturday December 15th. Merry Christmas Mary Boom is a co-production of ESP TV and Dirty Looks NYC which takes as its inspiration many holiday specials that I myself hold dear, including those by Kate Bush and RuPaul. We will perform in front of a live audience against a green screen/psychedelic Christmas backdrop while ESP TV live mixes the footage. Prepare to be dazzled. Check out the teaser below and buy tickets here. Please also visit KBDT’s Facebook page and Vimeo page to stay apprised of our updates. And do tell Kate to tune in to on December 25th and January 1st to check out the results of this holiday spectacular. Here is the Facebook page for the event with additional guests and details.

This is Not a Myth @ Kaskadenkondensator, Basel

On my very last night in Basel I had the pleasure of performing at Kaskadenkondensator, a space for experimental performance, also known simply as Kasko for short (the full name translates to “cascade condensor”). I had met Axel Topfer, a German artist living in Basel who worked at Kasko, and together we mounted an installation for a one-night event. The performance combined my usual suspects of music, costume, video, miniature sets, singing, and dancing with a physical set that contained and defined the action within it and utilized many of the physical objects I made during my residency. Though packing and cleaning was an endless nightmare afterward, the event was a sweet ending to my stay, the best kind of farewell.

Read more about the performance and see images on the This is Not a Myth page on my site, including the one below.


Schwarzwaldallee/Raum 19,6m³ Screening

I screened my video Ode on a Terran Urn at an event during Art Basel at the opening party for Basel art space Schwarzwaldallee NT. My work was shown in a mobile art space called Raum 19,6m³ – a trailer that Rafael Lutter ports around Switzerland, France, and Germany via a handsome red tractor. It’s really interesting to see the different ways the interior, exterior, and additional stage have been used over the years.

Nt Areal is an area of Basel that is sort of an industrial pocket that houses bars, restaurants (including one incredible Thai place), and a flea market on the weekends. As I understand it, it’s had a lively night life for years, but all that has been changing with the addition of some kinda fancy condos and mucho construction to take it more in that direction. Indeed there was so much work being done in the immediate area surrounding the art space that they weren’t sure exactly what it would look like the day of the show. In the end, we had plenty of space outside and an excellent turnout despite the crappy weather. Bonus points for dance party inside!

Some pics of the event below that I believe were taken by Dominique Berrel, as well as some additional photos by Rafael here.




Do You Do This On Your Couch?

Tonight in Milwaukee, WI, my video Ode on a Terran Urn will be screened at smallspace along with the artists below and a selection of youtube videos that I curated (including Horowitz & Spector, “Something’s Wrong in Transylvania” above). The screening is called “Do You Do This On Your Couch?” and is curated by Sara Caron. See below for more info:

Among many things to do this weekend in Milwaukee is “Do You Do This On Your Couch”, a video screening I’m describing as: “A gentle confluence of spacey-ness and placey-ness, asking you to think about ubiquitous or outdated media, think about how you might spend your time, think about community
with work by:

Krysten Cunningham
Erica Magrey
Catherine Ross
Katie Steciw
Stephen Strupp

Featuring “Ode on a Terran Urn” and a specially curated youtube introduction by Erica Magrey.


Friday, April 29, 2011 7pm
Small Space, 2676 N. Holton St.
Milwaukee, WI

Hope to see you there!

Costume-Object Workshop

I’m including here some stills from my current project, Costume-Object Workshop. The project includes several individual pieces I initiated, often not knowing whether the end result would be a costume or an object/wall hanging, with some pieces functioning as both. The video component has been shown in one-channel and two-channel formats and features experiments with the costume pieces which evoke particular character movements and in some cases restrict movement to specific areas of the body. When shown alongside those pieces that ultimately became objects, the shape-characters in the video seem to exert their object-ness. The objects themselves are not-so-distant relatives of decorative home craft items but are elevated as art objects in relation to their potential relation to the body for performative purposes.

erica magrey costume object 1
erica magrey costume object 2
erica magrey costume object 3
erica magrey costume object 4
erica magrey costume object 5

Group Show at Dreispitz, Basel

Below are some shots of my work in the group show of iaab residents at the organization’s new Dreispitz project room. I showed my new video Ode on a Terran Urn as well as a new installation piece featuring video, costume, and wall hangings called Costume-Object Workshop. The other artists in the show are Jan-Henri Booyens, Taro Shinoda, Georges Audet, and Sami Lukkarinen.

erica magrey dreispitz 1
erica magrey dreispitz 2
erica magrey dreispitz 3
erica magrey dreispitz 4erica magrey dreispitz 5

Cover Version LP at BAM/Delia Derbyshire

If you’re in Brooklyn this evening, check out this group show I’m in at BAM called Cover Version LP curated by Timothy Hull, featuring a lot of friends and great artists. From the BAM site listing:


In Cover Version (LP), curated by Timothy Hull and organized by BAMart, over two dozen diverse artists reimagine the cover art of albums they find influential. These unique reinterpretations of the iconic LP bring new life to the art that covers vinyl, highlighting the intersections of art and music.

Artists: Glen Baldridge, Kadar Brock, Colby Bird, Jessica Cannon, Mathew Cerletty, Devon Costello, Justin Craun, TM Davy, Langdon Graves, Joseph Hart, Elizabeth Huey, Scott Hug, Butt Johnson, Faten Kanaan, Denise Kupferschmidt, Josh Kline, Erica Magrey, Michael Mahalchick, Eddie Martinez, Dave McDermott, Keegan McHargue, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Nolan Simon, Colin Snapp, Jennifer Sullivan, Nick Van Woert, Ryan Wallace, Will Yackulic.

Opening Reception
Tue, Jan 11, 2011, 6—9 PM
Natman Room, Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

For my piece I cheated slightly and created a cover for an as-yet-nonexisting album, the Lost Recordings of Delia Derbyshire. She’s been a bit of an obsession since I learned that she recorded the original Doctor Who theme song, a genuinely beautiful masterpiece of analog electronic music. Several more of her songs are included on a BBC Radiophonic Workshop compilation, including Zivzih Zivzih Oo Oo Oo, a creepy droney alien-sounding song where all the words are played backwards. After she died in 2001, over 250 tapes were discovered in Delia’s attic, and fans have been teased with the notion of the posthumous lost recordings release for the past few years. Here’s to hoping that by creating this cover, I can will the album into existence!

Here is the official cover, and an alternate below:

Delia Derbyshire, Lost Recordings
Erica Magrey
Digital collage

Delia Derbyshire, Lost Recordings - Erica Magrey

The Lost Recordings of Delia Derbyshire (Alternate Cover)
Erica Magrey
Digital collage

The Lost Recordings of Delia Derbyshire (alt) - Erica Magrey

The Lounge – Online Exhibition


Several of my videos are featured in an online show that opens today at No Commercial Value (.org) called The Lounge, curated by Natasha Chuk and Cat Mallone. The show will run for two weeks. Please check out the show description below!

This show is a presentation of work by six contributing creators and thinkers who uniquely probe the complexity of how we construct, inhabit, and share our living spaces. The body of work we selected collectively illustrates a collapse of one’s personal and private living spaces and the objects that occupy them. Individually, each work invites users to engage in a unique experience of mediated access and contemplation.

The term “lounge” was selected to describe a broadly defined space of relaxation, exploration, creativity, production, and domesticity, from which a range of activities and the allusion to a complex system of memory and objects emerge. The shifting contexts of living spaces are addressed through new and purportedly obsolete media as a means of channeling the dizzyingly abstruse notion of imagined and realized spaces of dwelling and habitation.

Participating artists include:
Amy Casey
Gregory Fenton
Brian Knauer
Erica Magrey
Hollis B. Thornton
Ann Toebbe

Kate Bush Dance Troupe at The Kitchen

The Kate Bush Dance Troupe performed at The Kitchen November 5, 6, and 7 as part of Chase Granoff’s piece The Art of Making Dances. Chase’s piece featured himself and Jennifer Sullivan as the main dancers as well as a group of dancers who performed during several segments. Our contribution fell at the end of the piece and we performed just one song – The Dreaming. I made an additional costume for Renata, as she rejoined the group for this performance. The evening also included i need more by Nancy Garcia and was curated by Matthew Lyons. Matthew also conducted an interview with me, Jennifer Sullivan, and Samara Davis about The Kate Bush Dance Troupe that is included in the book Chase produced as part of his piece. The book is also titled The Art of Making Dances.

We were really stoked to be included in this show, and it was funny, because we had earlier joked that KBDT was blowing up and that we’d be at The Kitchen before we knew it. It was an awesome opportunity and really cool to perform in that space, so “big time” compared to the loft/party type locations of our previous performances. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any photo or video of the performance to share save for a mobile phone pic and some photos of us before and after the show. Check out the review from the NY Times and check back for more documentation in the near future.

Also see posts on our first and second performances.

photo by Timothy Hull

Goofing off in the lobby of the Kitchen before going onstage

Kate Bush Dance Troupe, minus Cassie

Renata of KBDTSamara of KBDTKate of KBDTCassie of KBDTErica of KBDTJennifer of KBDT
pics by me and Collin

See the full set on Flickr HERE.

Recession Runway at Nada/Fall Collection at the NY Art Book Fair

I’ve participated so far in two art runway shows that Jennifer Sullivan organized. Last May she mounted Recession Runway hosted by NADA at Bumble and Bumble, and I showed off the costume I created for my performance last March in Wisconsin. After wearing it a few times, I practically forgot that one of my breasts was nearly exposed and I felt more confident in it. I made the whole ensemble for under 40 dollars, including the fabric and applique. Not too shabs.

Pics below photographed by Brina Thurston.


I was away on my honeymoon when Jen hosted Fall Collection at PS1 in October, but our fellow Kate Bush Dance Troupe member Kate Scherer modeled one of the costumes I created for the troupe. Kate did an amazing job and clearly represented the spirit of KBDT on the runway. Photo of Kate below by Dan Perrone.