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Performance at U Wisconsin-Madison’s Starlight Cinema


I’m performing along with artist Shana Moulton this Thursday in Madison. In addition to some, er, classics, I’ll be performing a new piece, for which I made a new costume (see above). I have to admit – I’m pretty impressed with myself. My costumes are actually beginning to turn out as I had envisioned them!

Here are the deets:

Shana Moulton & Erica Magrey
a night of live performances

Thursday, March 26, 2009
8 pm – 915 pm
Starlight Cinema
Memorian Union: Fredric March Play Circle
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

nyc video and performance artists shana moulton & erica magrey will each
perform individual sets and then come together for a rare, starlight-only
surprise collaboration. this is sure to be an evening of full impact head-on
collision wizardry so don’t miss it!

shana moulton will perform a piece titled “body ÷ mind + 7 = spirit.” in
this performance, shana brings her alter ego, cynthia, and her strange world
to life through an innovative use of props, costumes, live-action and
projected video. the performance weaves an abstract narrative out of
exercise equipment, carpal-tunnel therapy, goddess worship, the new-age pop
music of enigma, angela lansbury, the thousand-hand bodhisattva dance and
brian de palma’s carrie.

erica magrey will appear as her alter ego, metalmags, in a performance
titled “window.” here, a collage of personas, reflections and realizations
emerges as stories of transformation and empowerment are told through
movement, light, and sound. using performance, video, and songs, she creates
a psychedelic journey of self-discovery, engaging themes such as self-doubt,
nostalgia and personal mythology.

p.s. this event is free

Nakedly Screening – Sat 8/2

I’m participating in a screening at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, tomorrow, August 2nd. I’m showing a video that I’ve never shown before called Kristin and Linda, shot in 2005 and recently re-edited. Here’s a brief description:

A teenage girl cathartically portrays her own mother in a familiar household scene. The energy behind her performance brings home the amplitude of her frustration and of her mother’s lack of control.

The screening also includes work by friends Jennifer Sullivan (who is also the curator), Brina Thurston, Collin Cunningham, and Jake Borndal, as well as many others whose work I’m unfamiliar with. Come check it out if you’re interested!

Here’s the drill with Monkeytown:
2 screenings: 8 and 10:30
It costs $5 to get in but then you’re supposed to spend $10 while you’re there on drinks and/or their eclectic menu.
Make reservations online beforehand if you want to go.

From Jennifer’s description:

Favoring verité over virtuosity, the videos collected in Nakedly are simple works that bare their own devices, bodies and/or souls…[they] comprise a meandering mix of misty-eyed moments, awkwardness, experiments, humor, vulnerability, longing, sensuality, personal revelation and nudity.

See full description and more info HERE.

Below: Still from Kristin and Linda, 2005, 2008; photo: Kristin looking corporate, 2000



More Troubadour on MNN Cable Access!

The friendly folks at Manhattan Neighborhood Network liked my video Troubadour enough to give it its own time slot. It ran this past Wednesday and will play again this Sunday April 27th at 10 pm, and again on Thursday May 8th at 10 pm. After these scheduled time slots the video will also be played as a filler between other scheduled shows on the network. Strange but cool, eh?

You can watch it on TV in Manhattan – Time Warner #34/ RCN #82 – or streamling live worldwide at To watch it on my mac, I went to and scrolled down on the left to Watch MNN Live. I then chose “mms” for 34/82.

Check out Troubadour and my other videos on youtube.

Still from Troubadour

Troubadour on MNN and online this Sunday

My video Troubadour will be streaming online and airing on MNN (Manhattan cable access) this Sunday, February 3rd. It’s part of a video series called Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens and will be shown with videos by Katja Straub, Lili White and Hilda Daniel.

If you miss it Sunday, I’m planning to finally put this video on youtube
in segments in the near future. To see what I’ve got up there now, go to
my youtube channel.

For the full episode breakdown, please see the Eye Am blog.

Here’s a bit of info on the series and how you can see it:

Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is a short film series showcasing women’s memoir spanning across all genres of film and video. EA airs @ 9:30-10:30pm the 1st Sunday of the month on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Time Warner #34/ RCN #82 (in Manhattan) & Streaming Live Online at (Worldwide).

* To watch it on my mac, I went to and scrolled down on the left to Watch MNN Live. I then chose “mms” for 34/82.*




Troubadour on MNN Cable Access

Eye Am, an organization dedicated to showcasing women’s films, just announced their 2007-2008 Winter Season lineup on MNN. My video Troubadour will be included in Episode 15, airing February 3rd. It’s also going to be running as a filler program with the hopes that many a manhattanite will find it while flipping through the channels.

Dashiki costume and medallion in Troubadour

The full schedule for the 07-08 season is as follows:

Episode 13 – Sunday December 2nd 9:30-10:30pm 34/RCN 82 (in Manhattan): Giovanna Chesler, Naiti Gamez, Kim Kheilhofner, Margie Schnibbe

Episode 14 – Sunday January 6th 9:30-10:30pm 34/RCN 82 (in Manhattan): Kim Kheilhofner, Lili White, Diane Spodarek, Katarina Jack

Episode 15 – Sunday February 3rd 34/RCN 82 (in Manhattan):
Katja Straub, Lili White, Erica Magrey

Episode 16 – Sunday March 2nd 34/RCN 82 (in Manhattan):
Selected works from the Female Eye Film Festival

Read the Eye Am blog for details about the films being shown.

Check out MNN’s website for info about their programming and how you can air your work on the channel.