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MIA is a goddess, obviously

This is way overdue, as everyone saw or heard about uber-pregnant MIA performing at the Grammys and reportedly experiencing contractions while there (she has since given birth). But when I came across this flashmob video by Oxfam it reminded me of how fucking cool MIA is. And also that she wore the most amazing uber-pregnant woman dress of all time, or certainly the best in our time. The designer is House of Holland, and for the decision to dress a pregnant woman in it, we can thank MIA’s forward-thinking stylist.


Whoop Dee Doo Deitch Holiday Party

(photo by Gabi Porter)

Christmas and New Year’s may already seem like faded memories, wistful days off that expired worlds ago, but in the spirit of better-late-than-never, I’m happy to share some photos from our performance at the Deitch Holiday Party at Santos Party House. The event was led by Jaimie Warren and Matt Roche, the creators of Whoop Dee Doo, a faux public access show based in Kansas City. My friend Jennifer (Sullivan) had seen a posting about the show on Craigslist and referred Jaimie to me as a potential performer. At first I was planning some sort of musical skit, but both feeling aimless and short on time, Jen and I decided to join forces. The result of our efforts was Holiday Hoopla, a holiday-themed game show featuring holiday trivia, name that tune, and a password-style segment. Jen was our red afro-ed hostess, Andrew her lovely assistant, and Erika, Dustin, and Shaina were our multicultural house band. Game play was between us (Metalmags and the Alien Ambassador), dubbed The Visitors, and our rivals The Kids – Raven and Amber Ferguson. The Christmas Banana (Sophia Peer) also made a rousing appearance as the crowd (unprovoked) chanted “Peanut butter jelly time.” Most of the performance itself felt very off and disorienting to me, as I could hardly hear what was going on with the din in the room and the obnoxious MC’s blubbering into the mic over us. People seemed entertained, though, so they must have been able to hear and see what we are doing. The fact that I was getting over a hellish cold with a super high fever (I had blacked out the previous day on the subway) really didn’t help. I think we were all a bit worn out and confused afterward, and we quickly gathered our stuff and disbanded. Collin and I came home and passed out in the wee hours of Christmas Eve morn to regain strength for the next day’s travels.

A few days later, Max emailed me and told me that we’d gotten a mention in Artforum (online) for it, and that really brightened my memory of the experience. I felt surprised and confused that the author had known our names but not mentioned those of our cohorts until I actually looked at who the author was and realized I knew him. Jen found a flickr set of the event by Gabi Porter, some of which are posted below (and above). Enjoy!

Jennifer Sullivan

Andrew Steinmetz

Jude Broughan and Erika Somogyi

Raven and Amber Ferguson and their mom

Dustin Piper

Sophia Peer

Jaimie Warren

Kate Bush Dance Troupe Documentation

At long last – links to photos and video of our premiere performance as the Kate Bush Dance Troupe. The troupe was conceived and organized by Samara Davis and Jennifer Sullivan. Performeres are (L to R): Jennifer Sullivan, Margaret Lee, Erica Magrey, Samara Davis, and Renata Espinoza.

Giant Kate Bush painting on set by Jennifer Sullivan. Photos by Brina Thurston. Video by Collin.





Wuthering Heights


The Man With the Child in His Eyes (Jennifer Sullivan on the mic; piano drawing by Margaret Lee)

Suspended in Gaffa

Kate Bush Dance Troupe – Tonight at Midnight

Tonight I’m taking part in a Kate Bush Dance Troupe organized by Samara Davis and Jennifer Sullivan. Our performance is at midnight, and it’s all part of a Kate Bush Tribute Night. The festivities will begin at 10 with dance music and will continue after our midnight performance. The dancers are myself, Samara Davis, Jennifer Sullivan, Margaret Lee, and Renata Espinoza. Come check it out!!

If you’re unsure of who Kate Bush is, this video for Running Up That Hill might jog your memory.

Here are the deets:

Kate Bush Tribute Night: Friday, August 29th and 10 pm
322 Troutman (btwn Irving and Knickerbocker) in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens
L Train to Jefferson
w/special performance by The Kate Bush Dance Troupe at midnight


Performances – Friday and Saturday

I’m doing a new performance (music + dance + video) at A.I.R. Gallery this
Friday, July 18th, at 6 pm as part of a performance night curated by Emily

Performance Night at A.I.R.
Friday, July 18th at 6 pm

Artists create and incorporate fabric and costume with performance.

ARI TABEI, “Dress for Today #6” In her 6th garment of the current series,
Tabei packages her body with eggshells, plastics and discarded papers to
shelfter herself, exposing her struggle and desperate hope to get through
today. Performance will continue throughout the evening.

ELIZA FERNAND, “Gushing” In her handmade costume, with vocal sound
effects, Eliza Fernand performs the gushing explosion of lava and smoke
from a dancing volcano.

ERICA MAGREY, “New Horizon” is a story of transformation and empowerment
told through movement, light and sound. Original music by Magrey’s
alter-ego Metalmags.

ROB VAN ERVE, “Need Your Love So Bad” Performance and Installation.

Click on thumbnail for full flyer:


A.I.R. Gallery
511 West 25th Street #301
New York, NY 10001


I’m also participating in Jennifer Sullivan‘s performance/variety show
It’s a Process on Saturday, July 19th at 7 pm at Cakeshop.

Click on thumbnail for full flyer:


Both events should be super fun.

Hope you’re all staying cool…

Muppet Music

Just watched The Dark Crystal again last night and I’m having a wave of puppet warmth and nostalgia.

Shiny Happy Monsters – R.E.M.

Crocodile Rock – Elton John

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

Ghost Riders in the Sky – Johnny Cash

Peformance Lab Tonight

I’m participating in a peformance event this evening at Broadway 1602, a gallery located at 1182 Broadway (Suite 1602) between 28th and 29th streets in Manhattan. It’s the culmination of a performance lab hosted by artist Shana Moulton. It features performances by FERESHTEH TOOSI, BRYAN ZANISNIK, BLITHE RILEY, CIRCULAR FILE, ERICA MAGREY, BJORN KJELLTOFT in collaboration with SHANA MOULTON, and others. More info here.

Broadway 1602