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More Public Access Gold

This video is an unidentified cable access clip from Pittsfield (assuming Pittsfield, MA, but perhaps not) dubbed “What’s Your Problem?”
for reasons that will become clear whence you begin your viewing experience. Truly a tasty absurdist nugget that surprisingly does not get old. Brought to my attention by youtube (and real) friend Sophia Peer who had favorited it.

Sondra Prill = Godmother of Bad Karaoke?

Sondra Prill is a Floridian public access diva with a sassy vision of stardom. She was the star of “My Show,” which aired between 1987 and 1992. Most of the show’s content appears to have been music videos in which she covers popular songs in her distinctly drunk-in-a-karaoke-bar manner, often grunting or yelling for emphasis. At other times she seems to be ad-libbing off-key, sometimes drawing unsuspecting victims into her circle of shrill (see the woman in this clip.) Perhaps most brazenly, she appears green-screened in front of the American flag, attempting a very serious rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

I submit the following provocative clips for your diligent consumption:


Pump Up the Jam

The Star-Spangled Banner

Unidentified Duet w/Piano Tie Guy

Wikipedia link.

Oddly, I discovered Sondra while on a google search for Carol Bove images…I had just listened to an episode of This American Life in which a woman named Carol Bove spoke about her mother, and I was wondering if it was the same Carol Bove. And that led me to look up some images of her work. Anyway, I was led to this blog where Sondra came to life.

Gospel + Mime = Mime Ministry

I had no idea about this concept until I stumbled into it while doing some research on mimes. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately I can’t embed the first video I found of two dudes miming to the J. Moss song “Psalms 150.”

After this first taste I found MANY more videos of this phenomenon. Enjoy!
(Just try to ignore the booking info that pops up now and again in this first one. Still worth watching.)

This last one gets kinda crazy and seems a bit outside the standard mime ministry since it doesn’t appear to be actually performed in a church but rather in affiliation with one.

Someone Else’s History

I picked these up at Vortex during the same visit where I peeped the how-to smooth guy book (see below). I went scavenging for my birthday and found these 2 photographs, among other tasty tidbits.

holding up boulder

How cool is this woman?? I can’t wait until I find a giant boulder that I can pose beneath, and I mean that sincerely.

family portrait 

Gotta love the matching outfits and the look on the smallest kid’s face. Funny that the older kid is playing along since you’d think it would be the reverse. You enjoy this type of thing when you’re younger and then you’re terrifically embarrassed by it, and then you get into it again. Oh wait, that’s me. Not you. Given the red background I’m thinking this may have been a holiday photo, so I’m even being kind of festive!

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I’m sure it’s full of loads of great tips!

There was an entire crate full of these at local junk shop Vortex (222 Montrose, Brooklyn, NY). I can’t believe I didn’t buy one! Luckily they’re bound to have many copies left the next time I stroll by.

A quick google search yielded this – not sure whether it’s the same material. Sadly I didn’t catch the author’s name on the book – and funny that it’s not printed on the cover at all. Could this be the romeo behind the love-making magic??

don diebel

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Wedding Party Thriller Dance

It takes about 30 seconds to warm up, and it’s not the tightest, but it’s inspiring nonetheless. You gotta give it to them for spicing up the party with a not-so-sacramental but still just as sacred act – that of doing something you feel passionate about with your closest friends and family.

And for old time’s sake, you might also want to check out the classic Bollywood Thriller.

Take Time

New favorite song = Take Time by The RFD. Read a brief review and see album info here at Show and Tell Music and then click on the audio link.

The RFD back cover shot

Women of Wonder

Check out this dope book I picked up the other day! It’s a real treasure. Women of Wonder: Science Fiction Stories By Women About Women. Oddly enough, I’ve already read one of the stories in it – odd because I think this is only the 3rd or 4th sci fi book I bought for the awesome cover art. The story wasn’t so hot either. I guess there may be very few well-known sci-fi stories by women. Ursula K. LeGuin represents and I tend to think of her as the most famous though I’ve very little information to base this on. She wrote The Lathe of Heaven, which is incidentally a very cool movie.

women of wonder