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Kate Bush Dance Troupe – Tonight at Midnight

Tonight I’m taking part in a Kate Bush Dance Troupe organized by Samara Davis and Jennifer Sullivan. Our performance is at midnight, and it’s all part of a Kate Bush Tribute Night. The festivities will begin at 10 with dance music and will continue after our midnight performance. The dancers are myself, Samara Davis, Jennifer Sullivan, Margaret Lee, and Renata Espinoza. Come check it out!!

If you’re unsure of who Kate Bush is, this video for Running Up That Hill might jog your memory.

Here are the deets:

Kate Bush Tribute Night: Friday, August 29th and 10 pm
322 Troutman (btwn Irving and Knickerbocker) in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens
L Train to Jefferson
w/special performance by The Kate Bush Dance Troupe at midnight


Performances – Friday and Saturday

I’m doing a new performance (music + dance + video) at A.I.R. Gallery this
Friday, July 18th, at 6 pm as part of a performance night curated by Emily

Performance Night at A.I.R.
Friday, July 18th at 6 pm

Artists create and incorporate fabric and costume with performance.

ARI TABEI, “Dress for Today #6” In her 6th garment of the current series,
Tabei packages her body with eggshells, plastics and discarded papers to
shelfter herself, exposing her struggle and desperate hope to get through
today. Performance will continue throughout the evening.

ELIZA FERNAND, “Gushing” In her handmade costume, with vocal sound
effects, Eliza Fernand performs the gushing explosion of lava and smoke
from a dancing volcano.

ERICA MAGREY, “New Horizon” is a story of transformation and empowerment
told through movement, light and sound. Original music by Magrey’s
alter-ego Metalmags.

ROB VAN ERVE, “Need Your Love So Bad” Performance and Installation.

Click on thumbnail for full flyer:


A.I.R. Gallery
511 West 25th Street #301
New York, NY 10001


I’m also participating in Jennifer Sullivan‘s performance/variety show
It’s a Process on Saturday, July 19th at 7 pm at Cakeshop.

Click on thumbnail for full flyer:


Both events should be super fun.

Hope you’re all staying cool…

Gospel + Mime = Mime Ministry

I had no idea about this concept until I stumbled into it while doing some research on mimes. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately I can’t embed the first video I found of two dudes miming to the J. Moss song “Psalms 150.”

After this first taste I found MANY more videos of this phenomenon. Enjoy!
(Just try to ignore the booking info that pops up now and again in this first one. Still worth watching.)

This last one gets kinda crazy and seems a bit outside the standard mime ministry since it doesn’t appear to be actually performed in a church but rather in affiliation with one.

Dance Solo – 1994

I started incorporating dance and choreography into my live act lately so I’ve been going through my old dance tapes for inspiration. As a teenager I was really into dancing and fantasized about being a dancer. When I was 16 I performed a solo at Dance Arts Centre in Bristol, CT, where I took dance classes for several years. This was during a period when I was really pushing to try to become a better dancer, and the solo felt very special to me.

The song is “Winter” by Tori Amos, choreographed by Mark Simpson.

A few months after this recital I went away to summer art camp (Center for Creative Youth in Middletown, CT) for creative writing, and the experiences I had there altered my trajectory. Most of CCY’s influences were positive though there was one negative situation that sticks in my head. Within the camp we had a talent show and I signed up to perform a dance solo in it. It wasn’t the dance pictured here but I think another that I had choreographed to Sinead O’Connor’s song Just Like You Said It Would Be. I wore a blue costume that was kind of flowy and similar to the one worn here and felt pretty good about it. But afterward a guy I was friends with, whose opinion I thought highly of, was critical of it (the dance or the costume or both I can’t recall) and suggested that it was dorky or corny. Looking back on that incident, I can see that it had a powerful influence on me and caused me to be self-conscious about this type of emotional non-funky dancing. Only recently have I really started to break back through that and get over this weird stigma I put on dance.

A few months ago, in preparation to create a dance for my song Mother’s Arms, I dragged a huge mirror into my studio. I originally intended to return it to the hallway where it previously sat but ended up hanging on to it. Since it has been there I’ve found myself dancing and stretching in front of it fairly often, and I’m really enjoying that. I’ve always liked having mirrors in my studio but felt a bit self-conscious about it being potentially narcissistic. But I’m realizing now that I spent a lot of time during my formative years in the dance studio with its mirrored walls and I developed a kind of relationship with my reflection that was informative without being vain. I’m sick of feeling self-conscious about looking in the mirror.

At any rate, watching these old tapes was very encouraging and heartening, and it brought back the warm feelings I had for my teachers and friends at Dance Arts Centre. Jill, where are you??

Dance Party

Leading up to my performance last week, I was cruising youtube for inspiration. Below are some of my more memorable finds.

This woman Sadie has some totally amazing hip isolation movements. Watch it all the way through until the end.

Here’s a trailer for an instructional video about prenatal bellydancing. There were a number of interesting videos of pregnant women performing, but I enjoy imagining any pregnant woman following along in her living room:

Lots of clips of people dancing to a Shakira song all edited together. Not sure if they are from one source or combined from multiple users’ videos (more likely). I’m not terribly fond of this song but I honestly found it touching to see so many women (and men) workin’ their fantasies in front of a mirror/lens.

Kaba Modern Does Chris Brown: I had never seen America’s Best Dance Crew before but I am really feeling this show!

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Performance/Show Sunday Night w/Anna Oxygen + 3 others – all girl show

Hi there,

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be playing a show Sunday night at Death by Audio with Anna Oxygen as the headliner. It’s an all-girl lineup! I’m going on first, meaning be there by 9 if you want to see me. I’ll also be joined by Rebecca Bekanich Cossa and Collin Cunningham on a few numbers.

Deets below.

Thanks to karen for organizing!


Sunday March 2nd @ DEATH BY AUDIO

:: Anna Oxygen
:::: Vivian Girls
:::::: Katie Eastburn
::::::::The Coathangers
:::::::::: Metalmags

49 S 2nd St btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan | 8pm | $7 | ALL AGES