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Kate Bush Dance Troupe at The Kitchen

The Kate Bush Dance Troupe performed at The Kitchen November 5, 6, and 7 as part of Chase Granoff’s piece The Art of Making Dances. Chase’s piece featured himself and Jennifer Sullivan as the main dancers as well as a group of dancers who performed during several segments. Our contribution fell at the end of the piece and we performed just one song – The Dreaming. I made an additional costume for Renata, as she rejoined the group for this performance. The evening also included i need more by Nancy Garcia and was curated by Matthew Lyons. Matthew also conducted an interview with me, Jennifer Sullivan, and Samara Davis about The Kate Bush Dance Troupe that is included in the book Chase produced as part of his piece. The book is also titled The Art of Making Dances.

We were really stoked to be included in this show, and it was funny, because we had earlier joked that KBDT was blowing up and that we’d be at The Kitchen before we knew it. It was an awesome opportunity and really cool to perform in that space, so “big time” compared to the loft/party type locations of our previous performances. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any photo or video of the performance to share save for a mobile phone pic and some photos of us before and after the show. Check out the review from the NY Times and check back for more documentation in the near future.

Also see posts on our first and second performances.

photo by Timothy Hull

Goofing off in the lobby of the Kitchen before going onstage

Kate Bush Dance Troupe, minus Cassie

Renata of KBDTSamara of KBDTKate of KBDTCassie of KBDTErica of KBDTJennifer of KBDT
pics by me and Collin

See the full set on Flickr HERE.

W.A.R.E.S. Goddess Headdress Workshop with Jennifer Sullivan

In August, Jennifer Sullivan had a show at Heist Gallery called Manhattan Miniseries (With Sweaty Palms) during which she hosted many collaborative events. Jen and I worked together on this workshop, where we led participants in the creation of goddess headgear. Here was the description of our venture:

Wearable Art Research Empowerment Studio (W.A.R.E.S.) Episode
In this episode, artist Erica Magrey and I will guide a free Goddess Headdress-making workshop in the gallery space. Beginning with an informal discussion and a PowerPoint presentation offering some inspirational source imagery, we will guide participants through the process of using simple materials to make their own empowering wearable art. Emphasis will be placed on the expression of each participant’s unique inner strength and beauty through their creation. The workshop will culminate in goddess portrait photo shoot in the gallery space. Additional accessories, props and costume items will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring craft materials that inspire and interest them.

The workshop ended up being super fun and we got great results. Here are a few of the participants headdresses (Renata Espinosa, Kate Scherer, and Brina Thurston).


See the whole set HERE.

Jen also included the photos in the first issue of her new wearable art zine, made in collaboration with Jenn Brehm.

We had made this cool promotional image that I forgot to post in advertisement of the workshop, so here goes:



I’m sure it’s full of loads of great tips!

There was an entire crate full of these at local junk shop Vortex (222 Montrose, Brooklyn, NY). I can’t believe I didn’t buy one! Luckily they’re bound to have many copies left the next time I stroll by.

A quick google search yielded this – not sure whether it’s the same material. Sadly I didn’t catch the author’s name on the book – and funny that it’s not printed on the cover at all. Could this be the romeo behind the love-making magic??

don diebel

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Into the Wild

Y’all have probably heard about the new movie Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn, based on the book by Jon Krakauer. The book was very moving, and a few years ago I made a song using some of its themes. I also made a music video for the song. If you haven’t peeped it, you can check it out HERE.

Hopefully the movie will earn Kraukauer more attention from a wider audience. Most of his writing deals with outdoor nature themes, including Into the Wild and Into Thin Air (about a tragic Everest expedition), but his most recent novel Under the Banner of Heaven deals with the history of Mormonism and is AMAZING.

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into the wild 5into the wild 6

Women of Wonder

Check out this dope book I picked up the other day! It’s a real treasure. Women of Wonder: Science Fiction Stories By Women About Women. Oddly enough, I’ve already read one of the stories in it – odd because I think this is only the 3rd or 4th sci fi book I bought for the awesome cover art. The story wasn’t so hot either. I guess there may be very few well-known sci-fi stories by women. Ursula K. LeGuin represents and I tend to think of her as the most famous though I’ve very little information to base this on. She wrote The Lathe of Heaven, which is incidentally a very cool movie.

women of wonder