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Happy Feminist Halloween – Louise Bourgeois Costume at NADA Halloween Ball

Halloween 2010 seemed destined to come and go without the joys of costuming, as I had been sick all week and had no motivation to whip something up. But lo and behold, I heard the call for costumed artists for the NADA Halloween Ball, as my friend Brina Thurston was assembling well dressed artists for the occasion. Brina’s theme was feminist art of the 1970s, and I decided to recreate a costume from Louise Bourgeois’ A Banquet/A Fashion Show of Body Parts, a performance from 1978 that took place in her piece Confrontation. Many of the artists, led by Brina, posed as Valie Export in her piece Genital Panic, and they were a force to be reckoned with. The rest of us rounded out the posse as Yoko Ono (2 versions – “Cut” and 80s Yoko), Carolee Schneeman’s Meat Joy, Strawberry Switchblade, and Adrien Piper’s Mythical Being. My friend Jennifer Sullivan also came as a Picasso Masterpiece. See pics and links below.

Art in America article
Art Info article

A Banquet/A Fashion Show of Body Parts, 1978 – Costume from the Performance
photo of original costume next to me in my version:

Performance at Hamilton Gallery of Comtemporary Art, NY
Photo by Peter Moore, c Estate of Peter Moore/VAGA, NY

Group Shot – Brina Thurston and Valie Export of the Dolls (photo by Joanne Kim O’Connor)

Me and Jen (photo by Joanne Kim O’Connor)

Us posing with Upside-Down Guy (photo by Joanne Kim O’Connor)

DEVO on Sex and Scooters

DEVO’s Gerald Casale waxes poetic on DEVO’s goals and values, with occasional interjections by Mark Mothersbaugh (“If the spud fits, wear it”). In this first interview clip, Gerry discusses the controversial music video for Whip It and speaks rather eloquently about what is and isn’t acceptable and digestible to the public – specifically what types of sexual representation. Other topics include the band’s energy dome head gear and slick hair headpieces. Video quality is bad in the first clip but it’s worth watching. Check out FurionHazard’s youtube channel – this person has posted several other rare DEVO clips. I’m also including below a Honda Ad from 1984 that brilliantly highlights and plays on DEVO’s group image and demeanor.

DEVO 1980 Interview

DEVO 1981 TV Interview

DEVO Honda Scooter Ad 1984

Welcome Post – Women of Greenham

Greenham Common
Hi there,
Hello and welcome to my news blog. As I don’t currently have any upcoming shows or other news to speak of, I thought I’d start by sharing with you some of the things I’ve been looking at and enjoying lately. I think it was about a month ago that posted about the 25th anniversary of Greenham Common, where women set up camp and staged a series of clever and touching protests at a nuclear test site for years. One protest involved sneaking into the base and dancing on top of the silos while holding hands; another involved the women dressing up as bears and coating themselves in honey so the guards got all sticky when they tried to take the women away. I spent hours on the site one weekend and found some amazing stuff – a very rich archive. It’s a little tough to navigate but it’s well worth the effort.
The Songs of Greenham section kind of blew me away (look for the image of a little notebook with a pencil lying on it). Sarah’s Song and Stand Up are among my faves.

There are also a whole series of pins from the protests that you can, ahem, conveniently add to your blog or myspace page (though, just a warning, their embed code isn’t quite right). Enjoy!