Schwarzwaldallee/Raum 19,6m³ Screening

I screened my video Ode on a Terran Urn at an event during Art Basel at the opening party for Basel art space Schwarzwaldallee NT. My work was shown in a mobile art space called Raum 19,6m³ – a trailer that Rafael Lutter ports around Switzerland, France, and Germany via a handsome red tractor. It’s really interesting to see the different ways the interior, exterior, and additional stage have been used over the years.

Nt Areal is an area of Basel that is sort of an industrial pocket that houses bars, restaurants (including one incredible Thai place), and a flea market on the weekends. As I understand it, it’s had a lively night life for years, but all that has been changing with the addition of some kinda fancy condos and mucho construction to take it more in that direction. Indeed there was so much work being done in the immediate area surrounding the art space that they weren’t sure exactly what it would look like the day of the show. In the end, we had plenty of space outside and an excellent turnout despite the crappy weather. Bonus points for dance party inside!

Some pics of the event below that I believe were taken by Dominique Berrel, as well as some additional photos by Rafael here.




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