Newest and Perhaps Greatest Symphony of Science

A few days after I posted about the two previous Symphony of Science videos I saw this third installment in the series. (It’s all very confusing to me because I feel like I saw them a year ago and wrote a post about them and then fell into a time warp and came out and there was a new video but I had neglected to write about it.) At any rate, Our Place in the Cosmos is a notch above the rest IMHO. In it, Carl Sagan speaks to our cosmic responsibility, the fact that we must push on to survive, not just for ourselves, but because we owe it to the cosmos from which we came. He also has a great line in the refrain: “One of the great revelations of space exploration is the image of the Earth, finite and lonely, bearing the entire human species through the oceans of space and time.” (Sounds more charming auto-tuned, oddly enough.) It probably sounds corny, but both points bring me to tears thinking about them, especially when presented by Sagan, a figure both familiar and nostalgic, as my friend Jeremy and I geeked out on Cosmos in high school. In the amazing documentary For All Mankind, a few astronauts comment on that view of the Earth from the moon as the ultimate reality check, the biggest and most beautiful gift of the big picture they could have imagined, and that always stuck with me.

Just realized all episodes of Carl Sagan’s amazing video series Cosmos (from which this video borrows heavily) can be seen here on Hulu. Yesss!!

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