Woven in Time – Evelyn Roth

Behold Woven in Time, the super-cool-in-its-own-right filmic showcase of the amazing work of Canadian textile artist Evelyn Roth. The film’s protagonists are costumed bodies engaging in animalistic rituals, acting and reacting on instinct and natural rhythms. Through costume and movement, these beings are transformed into mythical life forms, writhing playfully to an ambient soundtrack of clicks, creaks, pops, and the occasional whiff of a sweet little melody. This lil old piece of media proves that Roth is a verified goddess of wearable art, though surprisingly, there is not much readily available info online about her work. Thanks to Jen for sending Evelyn’s work my way, and look out for more goodies in the near future. Thanks also to John Stone Davis, whose youtube channel is the source of these videos and several related works as well. Such beautiful, poetic, and moving work should not go unseen! So go forth, my friend, and view the videos below.

First, first feast your eyes on this, and crank the volume, as the levels are rather low.

Woven In Time (1977)

Below are two videos featuring interviews with Roth from 1971 and 1974, respectively.

This one goes into detail about her work crocheting video tape to create car cozies, wearable art ensembles, and an interactive sculpture/costume titled The Video Trap.

Good stuff!!

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    Hi, so here’s me Evelyn’s husband John Stone Davis. Just come across this site, well done. More correspondence would
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