Handmade Future/Retro Earrings

I’ve recently been making 60s, 70s, and 80s-inspired earrings out of leather, plastic, and yarn. I made earrings as a kid – one memorable pair was made of paint-spattered paper and another a painted toy car tire cut in half – so this is a fun return to my roots (a common theme for me lately).

Anyone know of a good adhesive to use with leather and plastic? I’ve tried several glues and cements but nothing seems to hold really well.

Pictured below: a mint green pair of earrings made to match the dress from the previous post.

Mint Green Earrings

These are made of silver leather, clear plastic, and silver bedazzler studs. I used this see-thru plastic in multiple pairs to create the illusion of floating shapes on the skin and neck.

Silver Leather and Clear Plastic Earrings

See more pairs HERE.

And speaking of earrings, my friend Carrie Yee has been making jewelry too! See her designs at Specimen Jewelry. Click on “Collection” on the right for pics.


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  2. diana

    A great all around adhesive is to use Golden’s gel mediums. They stick anything to anything.

    cool earrings.
    Love the pom poms and the circles.
    From my Era.