The Vortex

So I was searching around for a photo of a cool spacey or futuristic bar and after perusing many cruiseship publicity photos, I finally struck gold at Light Energy Studio. Just one look at the homepage and you know you are in for a treat. I spent probably 15 minutes clicking around on all the awesome light fixtures and effects and viewed a demo of the lighted floor panels. Eventually I made my way to the highlight of the trip, the 3D Tour of an imaginary club called The Vortex. Watch it now or be forever deprived of your fantasy. Er…or mine.

There’s also a Palace Tour that’s pretty dope. You can click on glowing lights to go deeper into the scenery, though you have to buy the CD Rom to enter the mansion through the main doors. For now, a peek through the windows will have to do. For only $11.95, I’m seriously considering going all the way.


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