Blob Sac Transform/No Witness
Digital Video, 2012

Blob Sac Transform/No Witness is part of a performative video project depicting a series of abstracted spatial character vignettes that incorporate video, costume, music, and dance. Each segment is the study of a shape or form that obscures, restricts or otherwise defines the body and the inter-relationship of its aural, emotive, and environmental components. In Blob Sac Transform/No Witness a figure in stretchy skin writhes and reacts to pulsing lights and sounds before undergoing metamorphosis. The challenge that each character faces is played out on the screen and on the stage, in a minimal theatrical set that emphasizes the multi-place-ness and multi-space-ness in which we are located.

Blob Sac Transform/No Witness was originally a modular performative project that included 2 video channels.

blob sac still

blob sac still 2

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